Long Lake Lore

The Journey Is the Reward-My Camino

Up to now, my blog posts have consisted of excerpts from the writings that I have done for my book, Taking the Mask Off … My Journey from Dr. Seuss to the Bible. In this post, I skip a beat and focus on a journey from which I recently returned, a 500-mile (779-kilometer) journey over […]

Threes to Fours

As I navigated to become a better person, I decided to document my transition using the change fromthree words to four words. The Threes The Fours I don’t know I can do better I was wrong I will do better I am sorry I want your feedback Let’s move on Here’s what I need You […]

Thank You, Mrs. Mell!

Mrs. Mell was my Algebra II teacher in high school. She was a tough but fair teacher who taught me lessons about life beyond Math. My biggest regret is never personally thanking her for the effect her leadership had on my life. The story began on the last day of my junior year of high […]

Put The Damn Phone Down

Ah, a nice family walk. Sitting on my deck in Grand County, Colorado, I see something that warms my heart: families taking morning and evening walks. Fido or Sparky leads, sniffing every bush and leaving their mark at every tree. Junior and Suzie are running along talking, yet they are not even paying enough attention […]

Pre-combat Checks ­Aren’t Just For Combat

I learned the importance of pre-combat checks many years ago. Once we received our warning order, we would brief our team, assemble the necessary equipment, and then meet with our leadership for the formal operations order. We had a similar procedure to follow once the operation order was received. As we moved forward in the […]