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Threes to Fours

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Threes to Fours

As I navigated to become a better person, I decided to document my transition using the change from
three words to four words.

The ThreesThe Fours
I don’t knowI can do better
I was wrongI will do better
I am sorryI want your feedback
Let’s move onHere’s what I need
You are importantCan you teach me?
I love youIt’s important to me
I need helpI disagree, let’s talk
I will improve
Can you help
I am listening
I am listening

In my many, many years of being what I thought was a good lover, a good father, a good leader, a good
husband, and a good friend—all these years of not being genuine, not working on myself—at no time did
I seek self-improvement, and my vocabulary was absent of the threes to the fours. Now, my vocabulary
consists primarily of the threes and the fours.

But the consequences are dire.

As I sit at home, looking at the beauty of Grand County, the greatness of the landscape, the silence, and the peace, I’d give it all up just to say “I was wrong” to those I have wronged; “I am sorry” to those I have
hurt; and “I love you” to those I have loved. I missed my opportunity. Don’t miss yours. Follow the threes
and take them to the fours.

  • Take a minute and put your version of threes to fours together. What are you going to do to change?
  • Which of my threes give you the most difficulty? The most inspiration? How about the fours? Why?