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Why Is It?

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Why Is It?

Why is it that we look at the fireplace for hours but won’t look into a loved one’s eyes for ten minutes?

Why is it that we tell our dogs we love them every time we see them but tell our loved ones only on special occasions?

Why is it that we will tell our friends they look good, tell our coworkers how happy we are to see them, but criticize our partner when they are five minutes late getting ready so they look good with us?

Why is it that we will make time for a subordinate to come spill their guts on any problem, from their marriage to their work, as part of our open-door policy, but when our relationship is on the rocks, we
don’t want to talk about it?

Why is it that we will sandwich our time with our loved ones between two immovable scheduled events
rather than make time for them when we are open?

Why is it that we will spend $50,000 for a new second vehicle to pull our boat or trailer but not $12 for flowers for a loved one on the way home from the supermarket, and then wonder why we don’t get laid
more often?

Why is it that we will wash our cars but not the dishes?

Why is it that we serve our friends before our partners?

Why is it that we will show a happier self to others?

Why is it that we will talk at parties for hours yet ride home with our loved ones in silence?

Why is it that we will tell the truth to the court but withhold information from our loved ones?

Why is it that we will take our car in for a $297 oil change and an $82 tire rotation but won’t spend one hour per quarter with a mental health professional?

Well, I don’t know why, but I know I was guilty of each of these things. I know I was wrong, and I can tell you I’m damn sure going to stop doing them!

  • Are your priorities in order? If not, which ones are you going to change?