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Taking the mask off

Taking the Mask off  brings us all back to what we were all taught as kids, but subsequently forgot as we navigated adult hood, the simple Dr. Seuss lesson of , those who matter in our life don’t mind and those who mind who we are, really don’t matter.  Using short personal stories, Keith sheds his shield of group think and opens the reader to his internal vulnerability of trying to please those who really did not matter.   His writings take the reader on an emotional rollercoaster with solid origins of nature, God, family to the pain he endured when his roller coaster went off the rails focusing on pleasing others before loving himself. Keith’s writing style, unlike many, is not solely for the reader to be informed, it incorporates questions at the end of each story for the ready to consider in their own life. He is the one author that can help you make that journey from where you are to who you really are.

Those who matter don’t mind and those that mind, don’t matter.    

What began in his life as a fast climb, was suspended once he realized: who one is, is not necessarily what one does, said another way the ladder he was climbing so fast turned out to be leaning against the wrong wall.  Someone who understands that by changing nothing, nothing changes, so he knew he had to change himself. A change he shares with the reader through the use of short personal stories.

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Taking The Mask Off

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